Who We Are

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Dave Rolleston


Dave is a true entrepreneur by heart. With over 20 years as a CEO in the excess inventory industry, Dave has an incredible understanding of product lifecycle and marketplace potential. With global connections in both the private sector and the non-profit sector, Dave is a perfect leader for a social enterprise like The Charity Hub.
After many successful years in the private sector, Dave felt it was time to look at the bigger picture and create a philanthropic engine that could satisfy the world's economic marketplace with a greater payback to society and the environment.

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Adam Coombes

Director of Operations

Adam has over 30 years of operational experience in inventory management, logistics, and distribution, with a particular focus on the tech industry.
Drawing on a varied background in international sales and operations, Adam is a relationship builder who works to create an environment that inspires all around him.
An energetic team leader and student of human nature, he’s a firm believer that the small things we do are the most important.

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Sandi Drury

VP of Business Development

Sandi is a 35+ year retail veteran, having spent time with such retailers as Toys R Us Canada, Loblaw companies, Buck or Two!, Hudson’s Bay (Zellers), and Big Lots! Canada. She has a 360-degree view of retail that includes Sales Management, Category Management, Planning, and Logistics. 
Sandi is known for her firm but fair negotiating skills and is well versed in capitalizing all merchandise opportunities including but not limited to, overstocks, package changes, discontinued, and dated products. 

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Jon Sugar

VP of Product Acquisition

Jon comes to The Charity Hub with 25+ years of achievements in fast-growing, sales-driven international organizations across a variety of management roles in manufacturing, operations, product development, sourcing, sales, and distribution.
After experiencing many inventory challenges in even the most successful of circumstances, Jon is leveraging his expertise to do good; assisting companies in monetizing their excess inventory and driving new revenue streams for charities.